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Super belated Merry Christmas + T.Rex?

I know Christmas was way 2 months ago…. This post was meant to be up on Christmas Day but due to too much work in hand, I had to postpone.

But good news for people out there who are still in the Christmas mood:)This will probably would make you smile as much as I did when I entered into this normal looking building.

These photos were all taken in Poland when it was “Bring Your Wife to Work Day”! I followed my man for a long road trip as he had to shoot a few short films  in varies of small villages/town/city. Poland’s scenery is just breathtaking to me. I can picture so many places for beautiful portrait session or even outdoor weddings! I have not yet come across or heard any weddings that are held outdoor in Poland which is pretty sad. I’ll love to shoot a wedding in a forest, or a open field or by the lake…… It would be pretty dang amazing:)

Let’s move our way into this magical building!

May I present to you, a CHRISTMAS BALL WORKSHOP!!!!!! TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. I was literally jumping up and down and observing like a little child as if looking at shelves full of candies with my mouth wide open & eyes all sparkling:)Isn’t this freaking AWESOME?

We had tons of Christmas Balls for the location setup  in a forest and I broke one 😛 and another one <— NOT ME and probably one last one <— really not me too:)It is really fragile and made out of really thin glass….

The sweet little Polish girl who is the actress of the short film:)I say she did an excellent job in her role <— HER FIRST TIME!!! She is so adorable & shy at the same time. We had fun secretly putting acorns, twigs & leafs  into the back pocket & hoodie of my man and the Director. She speaks no English and the only way we could communicate is like playing charade:)

Watch the short film here:

Our next journey was to another small town of Poland where it is famous for a park with dinosaurs:)

*click click* A pretty spot for some portrait session

I feel pretty bad for the bugs

*click click* This is when I start imagining couples walking down hand in hand bla bla bla….

*CLICK CLICK AGAIN* You do the imagination:)

This forest… *gasps* It’s like a little valley of forest. It is so GORGEOUS!! *click click click click click click click click*!!!! I was tempted to persuade my man and the director to pose as a couple for me! The only thing I hate about this place, MOSQUITO FRENZY even through my rather thick clothes!

Alert: T.Rex ahead


Wedding: Todd+Nicola at Four Seasons Langkawi

There is so much to say about this wedding. It was a good and bad experience. But the bad has nothing to do with their beautiful wedding but the journey to Langkawi instead.

We were almost left with no car to rent due to greediness of the first rental company and was informed last minute about an increase in the cost. We were then almost left with no room to stay for two nights because the booking company got the wrong year. Worst – LIMA was on the same week- one of the biggest airshow that happens every two years so meaning, super PEAK SEASON in Langkawi

But thanks to the kindness of Todd + Nicola who made us feel better and the help of the Four Seasons’s wedding planner, Jessie, who helped put a roof over our head. We are blessed to always be surrounded by kind hearted people . Thank You!

Now the good experience…

I like to award Todd for having the most organized schedule I’ve ever seen so far in my line of work! He is so easy to work with and is open to ideas and even making a few changes to the schedule to accommodate our ideas. We truly appreciate such kindness and openness

Nikki – she made me LMFAO:)She is like a cartoon; very animated, high spirited and full of pure emotions!

Throughout the day, you can see how much Todd+Nikki are very loved by their families and friends. The touching speeches, the happy tears, the laughters, the love-  these are the reasons why I love wedding photography. I am extremely honored to be given the opportunity to tell their story through still images. Thank you for including Christine and I in your thank-you speech as the most enthusiastic photographers you’ve ever met:) you both made us feel like we weren’t  just there to capture your day but to also celebrate your beautiful day along with your friends and family.


Photographers: Ruby Yeo & Christine Lim

Location: Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi