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Travel: Lake House


This B.E.A.U…..TIFUL lake house is located in a very small village called Wery which is approximately 2 hours drive from Warsaw. It belongs to my bf’s friend. The journey to the lake house was truly exciting for me. I saw plenty of hay bales and lots of wild dead weeds which only made me think of two things: (1) PHOTOSHOOT (2) wished my partner in crime, Christine was with me and get all excited with me too:)


My imagination started going wild when I see all these breathtaking scenery. I badly wished I had a couple with me to shoot on the day and I ended up convincing my bf and his friend to act as a couple for me to photograph but of course, my convincing failed miserably:(

I love how the tall pine trees are divided into two rows and creates a passage to the lake house.


The moment I stepped into the house, I knew I was gonna go crazy. Things are mostly old, vintage and rustic! I found myself saying “omg, it’s so beautiful” over & over to stuff like that which gives the two man a puzzled look at my obsessions:)


I went gaga over this crate! I just wanna bring it home with me!


This is what you see the moment you walked out of the house. An amazing view of the lake and sometimes, you can hear the swan flapping by. It reminded me of the movie “The Notebook” and of course at that moment I wished I had a couple to do an inspired “The Notebook” photoshoot theme:(




The bridge was badly damaged due to the harsh winter but it was beautifully damaged I’ll say.



We were able to rent kayaks the second time I was there and the experience is just……………wa-wa-weeeee-waaaaa!!! Now that it is spring, more greens & flowers blooming everywhere which gives the lake house more of a fairytale look. I heart this place!

JulieJune 3, 2011 - 8:08 am

I traveled to Poland through your “eyes”. What an awe inspiring journey. You made those old, some may call junk into the most beautiful and appreciative elements!
Glad you had a good trip abroad.

rubyyeoJune 3, 2011 - 11:06 pm

Hi Julie!! awww, thank you :) I am glad my pictures inspires you. I’m looking forward for the photosession with you in November :)!!!

JulieJune 4, 2011 - 9:15 am

Yes, for sure. I am super-excited too…wish it waa next month! :)

rubyyeoJune 8, 2011 - 4:28 am

LOL! I wished so too!! Time flies by super fast and before you know it, I’ll be like “Hi Julie, nice to finally see you :)”

An Intimate Beach Wedding: Eve+Paul


A beach wedding, FINALLY!! I love weddings that aren’t held in churches but somewhere outdoor like in a barn, forest, garden, backyard and of course, the beach. So when Eve told me that her beach wedding is gonna be in Langkawi, I was overly thrilled & excited. I am so glad that the weather on the day turned out fabulous! The weather forecasted that it will rain but instead of rain, the sun came out throughout the whole ceremony; not a single drop of rain during the entire night.

The whole event was held at The Andaman Resort and any brides who are thinking of having their weddings there, I’ll say, go for it! Their services are seriously amazing and the staff will never fail to greet you with a big hello and a sweet smile. I accidentally burnt my toe by stepping onto the bonfire and immediately there were staff there to help me clean up my wound.  FOOD IS CRAZILY YUMMY!!!!!!! everything was very well organized and the staff really work very well as a team; I am seriously impressed with their service

Enough said, enjoy the pictures:)

Photographers: Ruby Yeo & Christine Lim
Reception Venue & Catering: The Andaman, Langkawi
Floral: Darling Florist, Langkawi
Invitation Designer: Eve & Paul Nicholson/Own
Wedding Planner: Norliza Selamat
Wedding Dress: The Vintage Wedding Dress Company
Make up: Eve
Hair & Make up: Andrejs Jendovickis
Bride Jewelry: Earrings/Brooches – Passionate about vintage, Necklace/Pearls – Vintage/Own
Bride Shoes: DUNE
Bride Hairpiece: Glitzy Secrets
Groom Attire: Paul Smith


Eve & Paul sent me their save-the-day card along with their wedding day invitations, map and RSVP for me to photograph and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I always love the idea of wedding information printed in a form of boarding passes or air tickets. Perfectly, I have just the right prop to photograph it with; my favourite vintage luggage:)! These cards were all DIY by Eve & Paul themselves. Brilliant!!




LOVE LOVE LOVE HER VINTAGE WEDDING DRESS from the The Vintage Wedding Dress Company


Paul is sooooooo freaking talented!! He drew the whole wedding tree himself


FYI: These were all DIY


Eve & Paul’s ceremony was beautifully emotionally that it nearly made me tear up


I love the personalized Lego gift favors for the guest. Yes, it was a DIY by Paul himself!! Now don’t you just wanna be Peter Petrelli and adopt his talent?


My favourite dancing picture of the night! Can’t get you out of my head by Kylie Minogue was on!


Eve & Paul, thank you so much for giving me & Christine the honor to capture your wedding day. You both are hilariously funny and I hope the best for the both of you:)