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Super belated Merry Christmas + T.Rex?

I know Christmas was way 2 months ago…. This post was meant to be up on Christmas Day but due to too much work in hand, I had to postpone.

But good news for people out there who are still in the Christmas mood:)This will probably would make you smile as much as I did when I entered into this normal looking building.

These photos were all taken in Poland when it was “Bring Your Wife to Work Day”! I followed my man for a long road trip as he had to shoot a few short films  in varies of small villages/town/city. Poland’s scenery is just breathtaking to me. I can picture so many places for beautiful portrait session or even outdoor weddings! I have not yet come across or heard any weddings that are held outdoor in Poland which is pretty sad. I’ll love to shoot a wedding in a forest, or a open field or by the lake…… It would be pretty dang amazing:)

Let’s move our way into this magical building!

May I present to you, a CHRISTMAS BALL WORKSHOP!!!!!! TA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. I was literally jumping up and down and observing like a little child as if looking at shelves full of candies with my mouth wide open & eyes all sparkling:)Isn’t this freaking AWESOME?

We had tons of Christmas Balls for the location setup  in a forest and I broke one 😛 and another one <— NOT ME and probably one last one <— really not me too:)It is really fragile and made out of really thin glass….

The sweet little Polish girl who is the actress of the short film:)I say she did an excellent job in her role <— HER FIRST TIME!!! She is so adorable & shy at the same time. We had fun secretly putting acorns, twigs & leafs  into the back pocket & hoodie of my man and the Director. She speaks no English and the only way we could communicate is like playing charade:)

Watch the short film here:

Our next journey was to another small town of Poland where it is famous for a park with dinosaurs:)

*click click* A pretty spot for some portrait session

I feel pretty bad for the bugs

*click click* This is when I start imagining couples walking down hand in hand bla bla bla….

*CLICK CLICK AGAIN* You do the imagination:)

This forest… *gasps* It’s like a little valley of forest. It is so GORGEOUS!! *click click click click click click click click*!!!! I was tempted to persuade my man and the director to pose as a couple for me! The only thing I hate about this place, MOSQUITO FRENZY even through my rather thick clothes!

Alert: T.Rex ahead


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