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“I almost don’t have words for how wonderful Ruby was and the amazing wedding photos that my husband I will cherish for a lifetime. Not only are the shots amazing, the quality of the photos are spectacular. I’ve printed them from my home printer, on canvas, and from professional printers and they are turn out amazing, every time! I’m genuinely having a hard time trying to articulate what a wonderful experience it was having Ruby capture our special elopement, she is such a pleasure to be around and so easy to work with! Anyone can take some photos but it’s an art and science to get the right lighting, the perfect time of day, and weather conditions to work in your favor. Wedding photos are a serious investment and I strongly encourage you to invest in Ruby and her work, I can promise you won’t have any regrets.”

Never would I have thought I would end up shooting an elopement in Iceland. I first fell in love with the idea of exploring Iceland about two years ago but I swept it aside as Iceland is a pretty expensive country to explore. I am happy and thankful that I am given the honor to document Ashley and Bryan on this adventure where my husband and I were the only two witnesses (plus the officiate) witnessing their marriage.  It was truly an incredible feeling. This is my first time shooting an elopement and I am loving the whole idea of it. Ashley and Bryan got married at Thingvellir National Park where Game of Thrones filmed the scene of the Hound taking Arya Stark to her aunt, Lysa Arryn and also the scene of Petyr bringing Sansa to her aunt.


Ashley and Bryan are tough couples; in the sense of braving the cold and strong wind. They are also adventurous which I love dearly! We all learnt a few things about Iceland on that day, one, the weather changes so unpredictably and quickly. Two, we did not know one could deliver BEES in a box from another country. Three, it is pointless to plan anything in Iceland, just go with the flow. Four, every year around autumn, there would be sheep herding which the locals calls it Réttir! The locals would round up the sheeps and this takes one whole day. We were stuck in a “sheep-jam” for probably over an hour and we actually had a blast (except the officiate weren’t too happy about it). Heck, we even decided to get off the car and have some portrait photos taken with the herds of sheeps bleating hysterically.


To those of you who wishes to elope, I have only two words for you: DO IT!!


side note: that heart shape in the sky, totally did happen for real 🙂 !!

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