A Whimsical Pinwheels & Flags Wedding: Abby+Asher

The photography was phenomenal.  Everything I had hoped and imagined for, I felt they understood my vision without ever having to really explain it.  Christine and Ruby were like adorable paparazzi that hid in the shower and behind bushes always trying to capture the perfect shot!  (That sounds creepy, but they did it in a very cute non creepy way!) And they surely did capture a million beautiful shots. All photos were absolutely stunning, if anything there were too many beautiful photos! They are the most wonderful ladies to ever walk this earth.

Asher+Abby’s wedding day is the most relaxing wedding I’ve ever shot. The atmosphere was filled with lots of happiness, tears, smiles and hugssssssss. I love hugs 🙂 Her wedding is just the type of wedding I always thought I would like to have, except I’ll love mine to be at the beach. No fancy wedding gown but just a very simple yet beautiful greek-goddess white dress. Yes, I love her dress dearly. It fits her so perfectly along with her make up and hair; her wedding just makes me smile one whole day 365 DAYS!!!

Oh yaaa, did I mention that Abby, the bride is a brilliant artist?!?! Check out her work at Mr Bird’s Adventures I TOTALLY HEART IT!!!! Now not only I love her as she is, I love her wedding dress & Mr Bird drawings and and bracelet and feather purse and and….EVERYTHING!

A big thank you to Christine Lim for giving me the opportunity to shoot this wedding with her 🙂

Isn’t she A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E?????

Thank you Abby + Asher for a wonderful time and your wedding rocks!

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Wow, this is an amazing blog post, you have put it together like a story so well! I get emotional just looking at it! And Evie dancing at the end is hilarious! I will show her asap! Thanks for being brilliantly brilliant!


Such stunning, beautiful photos! You can tell it was a magical day!!
Abby you look incredible!
Love the whole post & all the photos so much!
WoW 🙂



I’m floored. These are literally stunning. They almost look like film stills! Abby i’m sure you will love this – so Sofia Coppola!


Wow! I am so impressed with these photos.
Love the ones out in the bush especially.
Abby, you look so beautiful!
Evie dancing is an absolute classic!
Can’t wait to show it to her!!


thank you so much for the kind words. You guys rock my world!

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