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Bali – I do not even know where to start. I have rich emotions of this magical island. I love the local people, their never ending sweet smiles even when you can clearly see that they have been working hard all day. Their humbleness, honesty and hospitality towards tourists and each other never stops to astound me. It always feels right, like I have found my home whenever I visit Bali or islands close to Bali. If I could move there one day, I would.


Dini and Hen are both Indonesians . They met and fell in love in a church in Bali. When Dini wrote to me and mentioned the following:

1. they are both a vintage freak

2. they are crazy about vintage wedding details

3. an enchanted rustic vintage forest concept


My heart beated with excitement! I could not wait to see how it turns out. Dini and Hen chose Puri Tempo Doeloe Hotel in Sanur to get ready. I instantly fell in love with the ambiance of the villa. When Dini asked if I like it, I said, I LOVE IT!! She said, “I knew you would love it and that is why I chose it”.  I LOVE THEM


When I arrived at the ceremony venue, it was raining cats and dogs but I was tripled times blown away when I saw the setup. It was all styled by Dini and Hen. I was overly excited that I took a picture on my phone and sent it to my husband with the caption ” I am in cloud 9 :)” Dini and Hen were not panicking or upset with the weather, in fact they just could not stop smiling! We were running  behind schedule and soon running out of day lights. At the very last moment, the sky decided to clear up so Dini and Hen, and the staffs of beach golf course all went down and help to re-setup.


They did a duet – it was a beautiful ceremony, i love my job


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