Nikoi Island Private Wedding – Day 1 & 2

I didn’t know that there are so many small beautiful islands close to Singapore that belongs to Indonesia. I am very thankful that my job brings me to new places. This beautiful island is called Nikoi Island and to get there, you first need to take a 1-hour boat ride from Singapore to Bintan Island. Next, a taxi will then drive you for another 1 hour to the jetty close to Nikoi Island. From there it would be just a short boat ride away.

I had one of the most amazing experience there not only with the bride and groom, but with their family and guests and the local people and staff of Nikoi Island as well. Everybody was extremely welcoming and friendly. My Indonesian sim card ran out of credit and I couldn’t get a reload at the ferry point so their appointed driver made the effort to help me reload.

The staff of Nikoi was helpful and informative and made sure I was comfortable and settled. The wedding party made me felt like I was part of the guests, constantly making sure if I was well hydrated and well eaten.

Upon arriving at Nikoi Island, my jaws dropped wide open. It is a small island where you can walk around it easily. Having said that, there’s only a limited number of villas there hence the bride and groom book out the whole place to themselves making it a private island wedding. The food, OH THE FOOD, everything is delicious, literally everything they served! 

I love the natural open concept straw rooftop villas. There is no air conditioning and what surprised me the most was, NOT EVEN ONCE I WAS BITTEN BY A MOSQUITO! When I asked the staff, they informed me that they do mosquito control by making sure they get rid of the eggs before it hatches. MIND-BLOWING!



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