Wedding: Nicolas + Rachel at The Danna, Langkawi

When visiting Ruby’s website for the first time, we absolutely loved all the pictures, and instantly knew we wanted her to shoot at our wedding. What a smart decision. From the first exchange of emails, we understood that Ruby was a cheerful, happy, enjoyable and funny person but also very organized and professional. And that made the various shooting sessions during the wedding moments of pure pleasure. 
Ruby reassured us, talked to us, proposed ideas, advised us, while listening to our suggestions and quickly understanding our expectations and requirements.
She was absolutely everywhere without us noticing her. Ok, she’s tiny, but I’m still wondering how she could get all those pictures with so many different angles, while not disturbing at all either the ceremony or the other moments of the wedding AND find some time to mingle with the guests and chat with us…
This is the first time ever that I hear almost all the wedding guests complimenting the photographer, who made everybody comfortable, was taking pictures very fast, and was so kind and funny.
The result is absolutely stunning. Quality, composition, light. Pictures are perfect and we can’t stop looking at them.
Brilliant. We love her. Ruby definitely contributed to the success of our wedding.
Can’t wait to have an opportunity to call her for another session!

Bonjour! Nicolas and Rachel are from France and has been traveling, working and living in Asia for many years now. The entire wedding was held in French and the best thing was, they had a close friend to officiate the whole ceremony. I love asking my brides and grooms if they will be saying any personal vows (that is one of my favourite part of a wedding) and it turns out that they are doing so. Since it will be delivered in French, Rachel offered to translate her vows to me in English.

I was touched, I had goosebumps, I was extremely happy – she teared up reading it out to me

I always wanted to witness a flash mob, and I did in this very wedding. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! *major goosebumps while shooting*

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